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A FPS whose name tells you to Go Away - BeGone Video Ryview

BeGone, by NPlay.

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Hi Everybody! It's Ryan from, and today I'm reviewing BeGone, by Nplay, an FPS whose name literally tells you to go away.

This game was once again recommended by user Adam Last-Name.

You can find the link to the written review of this game in the video description.

It's a flash game that utilizing the Unity Plugin, which allows for quite a bit more beauty and finesse than standard flash games. And honestly, this game doesn't look much worse the a whole lot of computer games from the past decade, so the graphics are definitely in the pro category.

It's mutliplayer only, which is very common, although I definitely don't like that. I like having practice or skill modes to hone my shooting prowess before I'm thrown into a cage match with real people. My first few rounds were nothing but confused running and dying. So, in general, the lack of introduction, tutorial, or practice definitely hurts the initial experience.

However, once you've gotten over the initial hurdle of finding out what you're doing, the game is pretty fun. You're playing team matches and you get rewards for kills, surviving and winning, and even some for staying in the same group. Those rewards translate to money you can spend to get bigger and better weaponry. That being said, I do think the balancing in this game is pretty good. You can buy equipment and upgrades for the current round (which is the first team to 10 wins) but after that I believe everyone has a clean slate. Plus, even with the upgrades and better guns, I still never felt like it was anything but a skill based game.

There are only a few maps, which makes the experience fairly small, but you choose which map you want, so that helps keep the gameplay directed towards your personal preference. And as a newbie, it definitely takes a full round or two (or in some cases, about fifteen) to really get a good lay of the land. The maps aren't huge but they have quite a few nooks and crannies, and finding good vantage points is definitely a challenge.

In general, for a completely free MMO FPS experience, this is an acronym filled fun fest (and I'm only now realizing how goofy that sentence sounds). It's a quality game, and if you're looking for an easy game to hop right into and play, this is good after you've learned the ropes. You'll need to devote a little extra time at the get go, but after that it's easy to drop in and drop out whenever you want for some low maintenance fun.

For the scorecard, I give it a time value of 7, it'd be higher with more maps, money value of 10, originality of 5, because there really isn't anything wildly special about this game, no perks, no real features to set it apart from other semi-realistic shooters, ryplayability of 7, mostly due to the lack of tutorial. There is a controls menu, but I like it when I'm able to ease into a control scheme rather than seeing everything at once and overloading my comprehension, and fulfillment of 6, given the high skill of most players and the lack of skill in me. Once again, practice would probably raise that score given that I could train outside the world of getting spawn killed and shot for who knows where. That gives a final score of 7.0.

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