Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Steam Sale - Ryviews Daily Update - Tuesday, 6/24/14

Hi Everybody!

The Steam sale is currently going on until June 30th!

However, they had daily deals that change every 24 hours. So I figured I'd give a quick rundown of what I think are the most notable deals:

Call of Duty: Ghosts is 50% off (now $29.99).

This is still a pretty new title, so finding it under $30 is a pretty sweet deal. It's still quite a lot, but if you'd been waiting for a good time to buy it on the PC, you probably won't get a better deal for quite awhile.

Fallout: New Vegas is 66% off (now $6.79).

This version of the game includes several level packs, so honestly this is a whole lot of content for under $7. If you're an RPG fan, this is probably a great deal to snatch up. It's a big title and it could probably keep you entertaining far longer than most other ways of spending less than ten dollars.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is 33% off (now $33.49).

This game came out on June 3rd. Seeing a new game already taking a huge price cut is pretty nice. It doesn't seem to have particularly high reviews, but the concept of being a ghost tracking down your own killer is definitely intriguing. If you like PC gaming and you're a fan of the stealth genre, this is a great way to keep up with a very new title while not entirely breaking the bank.

Check back tomorrow for my take on other game sales!

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