Saturday, June 28, 2014

Steam and GOG Summer Sales - Ryviews Daily Update - Saturday 6/28/14

Hi Everybody!

Here are the highlights from today's Steam Sales:

Portal 2 ($4.99)

Portal 2 isn't super new anymore, but it's a high quality puzzle game that built for good co-op. I'd probably recommend it on a console, but if you're a PC gamer this is a very good price for a top notch puzzle platformer.

Wolfenstein: The New Order ($29.99)

This is still a very recent game, and at 50% off this is the lowest you'll see it for awhile probably. If you like FPS gaming on your PC, or if you just really hate Hitler, this is probably worth at least a consideration. If you aren't a diehard fan though, it might be better for your wallet if you opt for an older shooter and wait a few years for this one to go on sale when it's regularly around this price.

Goat Simulator ($5.99)

What can I say about a game where you're playing as a goat?

It's fun, buy it.

At GOG, the two daily bundles are the Legacy of Kain Saga (75% off) and Deponia Complete Trilogy (80% off)

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