Friday, June 27, 2014

Steam and GOG Summer Sales - Ryviews Daily Update - Friday 6/27/14

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Here are the highlights from today's Steam Sales:

Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition ($5.99)

I've never played the Grand Theft Auto series, but being a fan of Saints Row, I love sandbox style action/adventure, and you're getting a whole lot of content for a tiny price in this deal. If you have any interest in playing this on the PC, this is a must have deal.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition ($17.99)

This is a pretty steep price for a remake, but given that this was a fantastic RTS in its time and when it came out it required cutting edge technology, investing in this re-release to fully enjoy the better graphics and updated visuals is a pretty good deal. It may be steep, but if you're a fan and you've never played it, it's well worth the cost. It will hold up against most modern RTS games.

Payday 2 ($5.99)

I don't know much about Payday, but it sounds like a pretty fun co-op experience. So if you have some friends that you want a cheap gameplay experience with, this is 80% off and a great bargain.

These 2 are flash sales, only good until 8 PM central time.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch  ($5.09)

I've watched several Rooster Teeth Let's Plays about this game, and it looks about as zany and off the wall as possible. For $5, you could laugh your ass off for several days.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II ($3.39)

This is a tremendous RPG, and like Age of Mythology, it's an old game worth buying. And at a little over $3, this is a great bargain. With the light side/dark side choices, various classes and 2 genders, you could enjoy several playthrough with fairly different experiences.

From GOG, the 2 daily bundles are Settlers Saga (75% off) and Two Worlds Saga (80% off), and most of their flash sales are lesser known titles but still in the 75% off range.

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