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Peggle: Tips and Tricks - General Strategy

My latest Tips and Tricks video is for Peggle!

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Read my Peggle review here.

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Hi Everybody! It's Ryan from I'm back with my latest tips and tricks video for Peggle.

There's a link to my full review of Peggle in this video description.

Peggle is pretty straightforward, but there are still definitely a few nuances that can help you along your Peggle journey. The first time you go through the campaign, you're forced to play with each of the Peggle Masters for their respective levels. After that, for pretty much all the other game modes and replays, you have full control over which master you pick.

Without going into too much detail for each Master (I plan on releasing Master specific videos soon) you want to maximize your ability to pick to and choose. After starting a level, you can move around the selection panel a bit, which means you can see large sections of the level. You should use that to help you make an informed decision about with Master you want. If the green pegs are low on the level, you don't want to use a Master with an immediate effect, because that could just get wasted. Alternatively, if they're high up or clustered next to several orange pegs, maybe you want one of the area of effect Masters. So, you should always have an idea of multiple Masters you may want in different situations.

As far as general strategy, I pretty much always aim for the purple peg. Even in matches where you don't care one bit about the point total, having the chance to boost your shot score enough to gain extra balls can be a huge help. And if you do care about points, getting style points is practically a must, so bouncing off the purple onto a far away orange can be really useful.

Also, you want to strategically decide when you want to hit the green pegs. This still goes along with choosing the right master, but for some masters you want to hit it early, some are more useful later in the level. So you want to consider when you'll get the best bang for your buck out of the powerup. For example, Master Hu can sometimes be better late in the level, because using zen when you have a huge multiplier can give you a really great shot and hopefully restock some shots, but Lord Cinderbottom's whole powerup is built on shooting through every peg it passes, so you may want to utilize that early to clear a large portion of the field.

If you're trying to clear the whole field to get 100%, it's still usually a good idea to clear the orange pegs first, because that will boost your score multiplier. But to avoid accidentally beating the level prematurely, I'd usually leave 3 orange pegs around. That way, you get the 10 Times multiplier but you have a cushion against a stray shot.

Also, late in the field, if you're wanting to make every shot count, it helps to master the single bounce, where you can hit one peg and shoot it across into the basket. This is usually accomplished by firing as the basket is moving past the peg on one side away from the middle. By the time your ball lands, it makes it into the basket nicely. Not always possible, but when you have a field set up like that it can help you retain your shots.

For duels, you want to go for the green peg early, because you're playing on the same battlefield as your opponent. This will definitely mean picking a smart Master in those situations. You don't want to waste that green peg, but ultimately it's better to waste it than to give it to your enemy.

That's about it for general tips. I'll be putting out some more videos based on specific challenges and specific Masters. If you have any requests for what you want me to cover, please put it in the comments.

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