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Man Destroys Cities While Killing Monsters, Citizens Rejoice - Man or Monster Video Ryview

Man or Monster, by Miniclip.

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Hi Everybody!

This is Ryan from, and today I'm reviewing Man or Monster, by Miniclip. It's pretty hard to classify this game in one category or another because it's basically two games in one. You can play as the Man or the Monster (as the name implies) and each side of the game progresses pretty much along the same general path. You go through cities with increasing difficulty and upgrading your character. As the man, you're shooting at the monster and placing defenses like turrets or tanks, giving the game a feeling like a tower defense shooter hybrid. But when you plays as the monster, it's a Rampage style game where you're just trying to cause destruction without dying. You have different monster powers you level up and you destroy building.

I want to point out that I did in fact play through this game already, but my computer crashed and it didn't save my progress, so that's why you're seeing me replay the first level.

Honestly, the game is pretty fun. It does get a little repetitive, but the fact that there are two completely separate game types with very different gameplay really helps counteract that. The upgrades were good, although I was a little frustrated by the speed that the price ramped up. I really felt good early in the game, having plenty of money to upgrade my skills and buy some defenses, but later on, especially in the final three levels or so, you're lucky if you can afford a single upgrade after a playthrough. Now, there aren't that many upgrades, but I'd say that detracts from the fun factor of the game.

The defenses played a big role, and I really love games like this that let you combine shooting with defense. If you've ever played Bunny Flags, this has a very similar vibe to me. I like that you can more or less choose what you want to focus on, if you want to basically just buy a million defenses and destroy the monster that way or if you want to mainly focus on leveling up your shooter. I am sad that you couldn't upgrade the defenses. The game had several levels of each defense, so you got better tanks and better turrets, but I would have liked more customization there. Maybe a branching patch where you make your starting turret have high damage but slow firing speed, or vice versa.

And along those lines, I with the monsters had more variety in them. Each monster played very similarly. It would have been nice to have monsters that did radically different things, like one who was very fast, one who had really good ranged attack, one who had really good up close attack. That wasn't there. I think the game was fun as it is but it feels incomplete and I was left thinking that there's so much more you could do with the template.

I mean, in my opinion the game was a success because it kept me playing and I had a good time doing it. But really, because it could have done a lot more, I was left feeling a little disappointed when I finished.

For the scorecard, I give it a time value of 7, it was pretty short but it got a little repetitive, money value of 10, originality of 9, because of the dual game types, ryplayability of 9, because I really had no issues with the controls, and fulfillment of 5, because of the missed opportunities. That gives it an 8.0.

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