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Liquid Measure Crystal Water Pack --- Video Ryview

Liquid Measure Crystal Water Pack, by Smart Code Games.

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Hi everybody!

It's Ryan from I'm here today reviewing Liquid Measure Crystal Water Pack, by Smart Code Games. This is a level pack for Liquid Measure 3, and it's roughly 6th in the total Liquid Measure series.

The game is very similar to its predecessors, although there are definitely several pieces that I don't remember seeing in the previous titles. The goal is to take all of the water from your water jugs and get it into your receiving water containers. The whole process is complicated by various obstacles and equipment that's either there to hurt or help you. In general the game is very fun, although the level of difficulty in this one definitely stunts the enjoyment unless you're a fan of the series.

The problem solving in this game is phenomenal. It's a really easy concept that's taken in some pretty extreme directions, and that makes the experience very satisfying when you solve each level. There are multiple different pieces that are slowly introduced throughout the game that keep the puzzles new and force the player to constantly rethink his methods.

The game has a very accessible walkthrough link, and I confess I had to use it a few times when getting stuck on some of the middle levels. As I said, the level of difficulty was high in this entry, so I'd expect most players would have a difficult time progressing through the entire game without a little nudge in the right direction here or there.

That being said, while I found it fun, I can easily see how some people would find this game tiring and extremely frustrating. If you've never played the previous games, this is definitely a steep climb. There's no tutorial, no intro levels to get you accustomed to things. The game ramps up its difficulty as it progresses but it starts out pretty hard to begin with. So this game isn't for the feint of heart.

But if you're a fan of puzzle games and you're looking for a challenge, or if you've played the previous Liquid Measure games and you want some new levels to tinker with, this is the game for you. If you want a more manageable starting point, I'd recommend one of the main numbered titles (Liquid Measures 1, 2, and 3, not the level packs). Those are more achievable starting points for the series.

For the scorecard, I'd give it a time value of 9, it wasn't too long and I was entertained the entire time, money value of 10, originality of 6, since it's just a level pack, ryplayability of 9, I really had no problems with the controls whatsoever, and fulfillment of 8, because when I was able to solve the puzzles it was really satisfying. That gives it a grand total of 8.4.

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