Friday, June 27, 2014

Bobbleheads on Steroids - Sports Heads Football Championship Video Ryview

Sports Heads Football Championship, by Mousebreaker.

Watch the video here.

Read the review below:
Hi Everybody!

It's Ryan from Today I'm reviewing Sports Heads Football Championship, by Mousebreaker.

This was a game recommended to me by Adam Last-Name.

This is definitely a fun game. It's a quick arcade style sports game where you're trying to get the ball into your opponent's goal. You can head or kick the ball, although, let's be real, I never really seriously tried to kick the ball.

I like the game for it's simplicity. It definitely is an easy game to just jump into and play. Each match only lasts a minute, and you do get put into standings but the gameplay isn't affected by that, as far as I can tell. And the stage actually changes from level to level, with different obstacles above the players to provide some unique bounces.

There are also powerups, which is something that adds a bit of flare to the game. I didn't find the powerups particularly easy to aim for or avoid, usually I picked them up by accident and had to deal with the effects, regardless of whether they were good or bad.

So, this game is fun for a little while. I don't think it has much staying power. There really isn't much there, and it's definitely could use a bit more finesse with the controls. There were several times when I swear I tried to line up a perfect shot and I definitely didn't get the desired effect. All in all, it was enjoyable but it petered out too quickly.

I'd recommend this game as a quick break, but it's not good for long lasting enjoyment.

For the scorecard, I'd give it a time value of 5, because it was really fun right away but it didn't last, money value of 10, originality of 9, I've never really seen another game set up in this style, and certainly not one this quirky, ryplayability of 6, because of the finnicky controls, and fulfillment of 6, because some shots felt really good but there were too many times when the ball got away from me and I was left screaming at the screen.

That gives a grand total of 7.2.

Time Value
Money Value
Final Score

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