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Bejeweled, But With Monsters - Dangerous Adventure Video Review

Dangerous Adventure, by DEQAF.

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Hi Everybody!

Today I'm reviewing Dangerous Adventure, by DEQAF Studio. I'm not sure how to pronounce that.

Five Heroes.
Five Dreams.
One Big Adventure.

This a puzzle, upgrade game that's modeled after Bejeweled and Candy Crush style games. However, while this is a clone, I definitely think the mechanic was put to good use and this is a pretty fun game. Definitely could be better, but overall it delivered above my expectations.

The gameplay is setup so that you are fighting monsters by clicking on colored tiles. You have to click on sets of at least 2 of the same color. Which color you pick matters, because you're trying to fight monsters, and each monster is injured by their corresponding colors. And as you can see on the color wheel on the top left, there are 2 other colors that deal 50% damage, then the final 2 deal no damage. As the game gets harder, you have multiple enemies of varying colors, meaning there's a lot of strategy to which combos you go after.

So, I like that you're forced to focus on certain colors. It's flips the standard game on its end a bit, and as I said, it provides a nice layer of challenge to the gameplay. Missing, however, is a bonus for long chains. As far as I can tell, there's no bonus for getting 4 or 5 or 6 of the same color in a single click. I feel like that would have been an easy thing to layer into the game, giving a small bonus for large combos. That's usually present in these style of games and it felt unfinished without it.

The monsters provide a good challenge. You're able to grind as needed, and as you progress the enemies pack more of a punch and gain skills, such as disabling on of your warriors. I liked that progression but by the time I reached the third level I had to start grinding, so it could have eased in a little more. However, seeing that there's no progression in most Bejeweled games, I don't really feel that frustrated with the grinding, so that's a plus.

The upgrade system is cool. It has a web like branching system, where you unlock further upgrades in the field by buying the adjacent tiles. This reminds me of the progression system in Final Fantasy XIII, if you've played that. The upgrades seem fairly balanced, although the skills require you to play a certain number of colored tiles in each dungeon area, so those are not very useful early on the game, each stage is too short.

There is even a way to buy single use potions and upgraded weapons, as well as big heaving hitting upgrades with gold. I've described before in some of my other reviews that I like upgrades split like that; some are cheap and you buy a lot of them, and some you can save up for and they pack a huge punch. It provides a nice dichotomy.

The game is very repetitive, but so is every game with this same gameplay. And this entry at least has upgrades and progression. So, whether it's innovative or not, it's addictive and it kept me going for far longer than I thought it would.

I'd recommend it to fans of upgrades, these are pretty satisfying, especially if you're also a fan of games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled. But if you just like that arcade style where there's no complication and you're just matching like colors, this game probably has too much clutter to be enjoyable for just that.

For the Scorecard, I give it a time value of 6, it's pretty damn long for what it is, money value of 10, originality of 7, because everything that isn't modeled after the other matching games is pretty interesting, ryplayability of 9, no major complaints but I with there wasn't a delay between the monster attacks and the player moves, I got tripped up by that way too often. And fulfillment of 9, I loved the upgrade system and I felt accomplished whenever I was able to open the chests. That gives a total of 8.2.

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