Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Unicorn Plays Plinko- Peggle PC Freebie Ryview

Peggle, by Pop Cap Games.

Peggle is currently "On the House" at Origin.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Peggle, it's a strange, colorful arcade game that's some unholy mixture of pinball, plinko, bust-a-move, and a petting zoo. It's a very compelling game. I discovered it when it was still fairly new and I quickly became unhealthily addicted.

The goal of the main game is to clear all of the orange pegs from the field by bouncing your ball into them. You have 10 shots, but if you score high enough on a shot you get extra balls. As orange pegs disappear from the map, your score multiplier goes up. It's a very good system and it breeds constant replay to up your score. Since the campaign will usually result in a score ranging in the millions, it's deceptively inviting to replay the game to eek out a few spare points.

And deceptively inviting to make you think you can score higher than the CPU base score on this stupid level

The other games modes help keep the game fresh, as well. There's a duel mode (that can be played locally with a friend or against the AI) which is similar to the main game and you're competing for points. There are also challenges with various tasks, such as finishing a particular map with one ball, or reaching 750000 points across multiple levels.

The graphics and sound effects are fun and light. There are 10 different cartoony "Peggle Masters" who each offer their own special skill (earned by bouncing into the green pegs) and they help foster the unintimidating atmosphere. It's all just very happy, and that's something that I certainly don't get a lot of from most of the video games I play.

I'm busy, Ariel...

Now, it isn't the best game in the world. While the different modes offer some nice challenges and a small change of pace, for the most part it's just the same old same old. But if you enjoy the level design, and if you like testing each Master to see which one fits your playing style the best, this game is worth paying for. So you'd be a fool not to download it right now when it's free! (just so we're clear, I'll still respect you if you don't download, I'm just heavily campaigning for you to do so)


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Let me know what you think of Peggle!

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