Friday, May 23, 2014

Time Swap --- Flash Ryview

Time Swap, by Wes Selken.

Time Swap is a puzzle platformer that uses the now apparently very common mechanic of reality switching (see my ryview face off for two similarly styled games here). This doesn't use a mirroring aspect, though; instead, it uses time swapping (as the title suggests). The landscape is usually left untouched, although there are several interactive objects that are only accessible to one time or the other, and most enemies are different at the different times.

That mechanic is handled remarkably well. The time swapping is fun and inventive. The problem solving necessary to progress through the game is intense. There were multiple levels where I found myself studying the route, spending far too long trying to devise the best possible strategy and convenient places for me to rest and collect myself.

The platforms apparently changed across time. So you have to switch while you're in the air each time.

Overall, I found the puzzle side of the game to be very enjoyable, but I found myself getting angry at the platforming side. This goes back to my pet peeve with platformers: I don't like being required to have cat-like reflexes to make complicated maneuvers, especially when half a dozen are required in conjunction during a single level with no checkpoints. That makes for a very frustrating experience.

Does that ruin the game? Absolutely not. And while I find the platforming difficult, it did not particularly halt my progress (it incited a few curse words, but that's about it). In general, it's still a very fun game, but I definitely didn't appreciate some of the necessary prowess.

I enjoyed the art style, I enjoyed the level designs, and the game never felt stale. There was a healthy mixture of new content as you progress through the game, introducing new enemies and new features every few levels. This was a game that didn't have a tutorial but I definitely learned the game as I went and there were helpful little thoughts for the characters to guide you.

And luckily this game didn't fall prey to my other pet peeve. There is a level select for easy replay! Hooray!

So, I'd recommend this game, at least for playing through the introductory levels. It's a cute, innovative concept and I think anyone can enjoy it for a little while. Around level 20 or so, I'd say if you're getting too frustrated with the complicated puzzles and difficult platforming, move on to something else. The game doesn't let up. It's just as complicated and difficult up to the very end. And for a puzzle platforming fan such as myself, it left me very satisfied.


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Let me know what you think of Time Swap!

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