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Super Sneak --- Flash Ryview

Super Sneak, by qdrj.

Super Sneak is a puzzle game where the player assumes the role of a desperate robber trying to steal enough money to afford nice gifts for his girlfriend. I think I speak for all of us when I say it's a very relatable storyline *shifty eyes*. The puzzle aspects get more and more complex as the game goes on, and with the variety of possibilities in each level, the game remains fresh and exciting throughout.

The basic mechanic is centered around the robber avoiding police flashlights. This is expanded upon with donuts that can distract the cops, bones to distract police dogs, tools you have to get before you can break into certain houses, and alarms. The avoiding tactics are based on predictable policeman paths that have to be carefully analyzes. If you like a puzzle game where you slowly soak in the situation and plan extensively, this is definitely a fun experience.

I never knew police officers moved in such predictable patterns...

There are also badges for each level for not being seen and collecting all the money (usually the money requirement to pass the level is lower than the sum of all the money on the level). Since the point of the game is to buy Sophie all of her nice gifts, there is some incentive to get all the money on each map, but you can't finish the game particularly prematurely that way. You can skip the last level if you collect almost all the money in the first 19 levels (but level 19 has a whole lot of money in it, so you can't finish without it, I believe).

It would have been much easier to steal all this stuff than to pay to buy all of it...

The game felt like it was good length. I do think with that system of extra money, the last level was a complete let down for me, but if I treated level 19 as the last level, it was a much better experience (because that level was extremely difficult).

I don't really even know if I have any substantial complaints. The mouse controls made it easy to go exactly where you wanted. I didn't like that sometimes clicking around an obstacle would produce a less than desirable path to take, but that could easily be avoidable when planning ahead and it was not a repeated mistake, after you do it once you know to avoid that route.

I would have like a better use of the donuts and bones, I felt like the donuts were rarely required and they were actually fairly difficult to use to their full extent, so I didn't find them particularly useful, and the bones seemed to never require any skill, but I guess that just makes it like a different tool in the game.

I'd recommend this game to anyone who doesn't mind thinking during a game. I enjoyed it quite a bit and it was some top notch puzzle solving. If you want a mindless flash game experience, steer clear of this entry.


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Let me know what you think of Super Sneak!

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