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Decision Medieval --- Video Ryview

Decision Medieval, by FlyAnvil.

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Hi Everybody! It's Ryan from Today I'm reviewing Decision Medieval, by FlyAnvil. It's a sequel of sorts to Decision and Decision 2, which were the same series but in modern times. I've played them in the past and I enjoyed them. And this new one was also fairly fun, but I definitely felt like several features went unused, at least the way I played. But overall, it was a strong entry and an entertaining way to spend a few hours.

The game is played from an overhead perspective. You control a soldier helping a medieval kingdom deal with a zombie and orc infestation. Throughout your journey, you build defenses and buildings, upgrade your gear, and rescue Masters to unlock more upgrade options.

I really liked the upgrading system. It sometimes gets a little grindy, but in general I never felt like I had to do an unnecessary amount of replaying. And I really liked that you upgrade the weapons as well as build experience with them, essentially giving you two avenues to advance their damage. And I really liked that unlocking the Masters slowly added more skills, rather than just a page full of grayed out tiles waiting for your to reach a certain experience milestone. That's a nice way to delaying certain skills.

The controls, when selected properly, are good, but I initially started with the mouse movement controls, which I hated. It's really hard to accomplish anything when the mouse is used for both movement and attacking. It gets really muddled and I got really frustrated. Especially with the bow, when you want distance between you and your enemies, I highly, highly recommend sticking only keyboard as movement and mouse as attack and select. That would have been a serious knock against the game if they didn't offer the keyboard movement option.

I also think that several of the weapons were largely pointless. I personally heavily preferred the bow, and I didn't see any reason to ever use the other weapons. It was really easy to use, it had a quick fire rate, and it meant I was never in particular danger of dying. I cannot imagine when I'd want to use the other weapons. I would have liked more variety in the ranged weapons for that reason. I basically started using that bow really early and that was my only useful weapon for pretty much the entire game.

I think the exploration and building side of the game is fun for the strategic gamers. It makes the game a really good hybrid between hack and slash and strategy, and it works well. I recall a similar system in the previous Decision games, but at any rate, this is a really fun strategy game, even if it's a little long for my taste. It didn't get particularly stale and it kept my attention for most of the game, so I'd call that a success.

I would definitely recommend it to people who played the previous decision games, and to anyone who like strategy games. And like I said, it's a quality hack and slasher too. I wouldn't recommend it to people looking for a quick game experience. This game is nothing but a long and fairly involved campaign, so if you like quick, one off action or fun then this isn't going to be a good fit for you.

For the scorecard, I give Time Value a 7 because it's really long, Money Value is a 10, Originality is a 7 because it's a good concept but it's very similar to its predecessors, Ryplayability is an 8, and Fulfillment is a 9 because I really like one-shoting zombies. That gives it a total score of 8.2.

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