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Star Wars: Assault Team --- iOS Ryview

Star Wars: Assault Team, by LucasArts.

Star Wars: Assault Team is a Collectible Card Game (CCG) with elements of RPGs on the iOS. It's a fun little card game where you use characters from the Star Wars Original Trilogy universe (some famous, like Han, Luke, and Leia, and some non famous, like Advozse Smuggler). You battle through enemies in a turn based format, and out of battles you're able to level up cards and change out your 4 member team.

This is how I expect Episode 7 to look, except everyone will be much more plastic.

Right off the bat, I'm impressed by this game when looking at it as a CCG. It has a nice little rail during missions that has interstitial hints and movement animations, which keeps the game looking fairly pretty. And there is a storyline (however strange it is) which is a nice touch for a card game.

The actual battles are nothing to write home about. Each character has one special ability that requires charging, but otherwise everyone in the battle takes turns based on unseen initiative points (but the game does always tell you who is "next") and that just involves picking an enemy and firing. The special powers offer a bit of strategy, especially when some involve healing and stunning.

His attack 522, makes your previous cards completely useless...

I do have a complaint about not seeing a character's damage in game. It's not a huge deal, but I would really like to know how much of a punch I need to pack. And along those lines, I'd really like to know the remaining health of my heroes and my enemies. If I have a Han Solo card that does 23 damage, I don't necessarily want to attack someone who has 24 health, and right now that distinction is lost. I would appreciate at least an option to show detailed numbers.

I also really don't like how grindy the game gets. Before even beating the first set of levels, I had to go back and play through some old levels to get more gold. In a game that already has 3 difficulty settings for each stage, I don't think the first playthrough should require much (if any) grinding. I found that very frustrating.

Who brings C-3P0 to a fight?

I will say, however, that I very much like promoting cards. I thought that was a nice touch that kept your same heroes exciting and powerful, which is useful in any kind of big ticket universe like Star Wars.

Ultimately, I'd recommend playing the game. It's free, and while there is some premium content, you can definitely enjoy the game for no cost, albeit with a bit more grinding.


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Let me know what you think of Star Wars: Assault Team!

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