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Notebook Space Wars 2 --- Flash Ryview

Notebook Space Wars 2, by Francisco Ferreres.

Notebook Space Wars 2 is the latest entry in the Notebook Wars series, which is a top down scrolling shooter game (think Galaga scribbles). The basic mechanic is shooting your way through enemies to collect money and upgrade your weapons and vehicle. It's definitely focused on upgrades and easy replay, so if you're an upgrade junkie like I am, this game is a blast.

Like the previous games in the series, the controls can be either mouse or keyboard, and there is a very welcome autofire feature. Your money is based on currency pick-ups, which are created through enemy kills. I like that mechanic because it allows for upgrades that passively help you earn more (creating a bit of strategy early on as far as time management in-game) and also because it forces a bit of dexterity while shooting without technically being required.

New game genre: Bullet Hell Yeah!

I'd have to say that the upgrades feel well balanced to me as well. They are very numerous, so pretty much every time you finish a level you have something to beef up (at least early on) and that feels rewarding. Unfortunately, the flip side is that you rarely see noticeable changes from level to level while doing standard upgrades. You do definitely notice when you change weapons or vehicles, but those are obviously bigger stepping stones. The upgrades are tied to your vehicle and weapon, so that also adds a layer of strategy as far as upgrading what you have vs going after the better model. It can get frustrating at times, but in general I appreciate the complexity of that system when there are so many options.

Being a Notebook Wars veteran, I can safely say skipping most of the early weapons will save you lots of time an money, go for high DPS and save up for the heavy hitters!

I really like this game. However, it really does not feel any different from Notebook Space Wars 1. Very similar graphics, similar weapons, similar upgrades. There is a new "Arcade" mode where you get xp and automatic upgrades, but otherwise the game is still very much the same.

So, this is just more Notebook Wars. Is that a bad thing? I don't know. I don't think there's anything wrong with game, and I definitely believe in the mantra "if it's not broken don't fix it". However, I really want to see more innovation. Or, release a level pack. Don't label it as a new game if it's just a rehash of the original. It's a great series, but there's barely any differences between them.

Do I recommend it? Definitely. If you've never played a Notebook Wars game, this is a wonderful place to start. If you've played them all, feel free to enjoy it like I did, but don't expect radical changes. You'll just be disappointed.


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Let me know what you think of Notebook Space Wars 2!

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