Monday, April 7, 2014

Motor Beast --- Flash Ryview

Motor Beast, by Bikas.

Motor Beast is a driving game where you try to make it through the stage in one piece. It's very straightforward and it has easy controls.

I enjoyed the fundamental gameplay, but it got pretty stale. You drive through the stage, picking up coins and driving through obstacles. You can tilt the car, but that aspect of the game didn't seem particularly important or achievable. Throughout the entire game I only did a few tricks. It wasn't required and it felt like a very small part of the game. It gave you a few extra points for your upgrades, but it was more effective to go back and replay a level if you wanted to grind.

15 tracks? Yes. 15 unique experiences? No

There were a few stages that helped keep the game moderately exciting, such as a rolling boulder or falling objects. But these were too few to hold my attention. And the upgrades were too narrow as well. They did affect the gameplay pretty significantly because they were in pretty big steps, but there were only 5 options and they were linear. There's no strategy there. And, they seemed fairly unimportant. The boost, for example, was never necessary and it honestly just seemed to result in me getting more damage as I go through the level.

The purpose of repairing damage? To make the game last longer...

I guess I was expecting something more like a launch game, with one stage where you're advancing towards the final ending rather than a level based format. This just made it feel stunted and frustrating. If you died, you lost everything from that level, and to add insult to injury, you have almost no indicator of your progress or health. Pieces fall off of your car as you get injured, but there's no scale or marker, you just have to know which pieces fall of first and how close you are to death.

So, this was basically a boring driving game with non meaningful upgrades and little justification for playing through the game. No twists, no exciting final boss or fulfilling final stage. Just more of the same.

I don't recommend playing it.


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Let me know what you think of Motor Beast (if you decide to play it)!

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