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Dead Zed 2 --- Flash Ryview

Dead Zed 2, by 3KG Games.

Dead Zed 2 is a survival shooter where you're shooting everyone's favorite creature of the night: zombies. It is set up as a team of human survivors fending off zombies while they search the town for suppliers and survivors. However, the bulk of the game is just the shooting.

Basically, you have "time" as your currency, which you spend on upgrades and searching. This time is earned while you're in level shooting zombies, with headshots earning more time than normal kills. As you move through the city, you search one section then move on, hoping to find additional survivors, new weapons, or items to increase morale.

A church huh? I'll only be impressed if we find a priest who kicks ass for the lord!

So, there is quite a bit to this game on the surface, but it didn't really pan out. I never experienced any problem with the morale. It was always high. And the upgrades seemed largely pointless. There are only a few, and they serve very little tangible purpose. All they do is extend the game, because you basically just don't search for a day. But like I said, even while upgrading, I never experienced a decrease in morale. It seemed like a moment where strategy belonged, but it just didn't matter.

The only thing better than shooting zombies is shooting zombies in the face

That being said, I do think this game works well as a shooter. I liked the controls, there was some nice recoil in some guns, and you could really notice differences in accuracy and damage. There were enough varied guns to keep the game interesting. I wish you could upgrade weapons, but progressing through the game I didn't feel like I was at a loss of interesting weaponry.

So, the shooting aspect (and that's what I'd call the meat of the game) is well executed. The overworld is not something I needed. I liked being able to assign the survivors to different tasks, but ultimately I could have done away with that completely and replaced it with an upgrade system for shooting assists. But regardless, I don't see it as any different than a flash game storyline I don't care for. I like the core game, and the rest doesn't really get in the way.

I recommend playing it, but spend your time shooting zombies. Speed through the overworld stuff.

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Let me know what you think of Dead Zed 2!

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