Friday, April 18, 2014

Crash TV --- Flash Ryview

Crash TV, by Z3lf.

Crash TV is a platformer designed around a self aware computer swinging through spike-laden levels. I was intrigued by the art style and I decided to give the game a go.

At the outset the game is very enjoyable. If you've ever played this style of retro platforming, this is very much the same. It has the nice little feature of unlocking new features of gameplay, like jumping and swinging (think Spider-Man if he were a computer... Spider-Mac). And it has a nice level of puzzle involved, when you're trying to decide how to traverse the level. The controls are responsive and the mechanic is straightforward.

Unfortunately, these features aren't particularly well executed. Unlike some other games that utilize the "unlock abilities" mechanic, there's no point where you say "I need to go back to this point when I have x ability". So while the unlocking is a fun feature, it does nothing to contribute to the gameplay. It didn't really factor into puzzle solving much, and it only really happened early in the game anyway.

As you progress, you settle in with a double jump and the swinging, and the game makes you perform precise and insanely difficult maneuvers. It get incredibly frustrating. I understand that you want to keep people playing the game, and Nintendo employed this kind of feature back in the days of Mario when there was no save feature. But this is just ridiculous. It's incredible hard to beat, and as a result, it's fun factor dive bombs.

So, this game did not give me satisfaction, it gave me an ulcer.

Do I recommend that you play through it? If you can beat it, you're more talented than I am. Is it worth playing through the beginning before it gets insanely impossible? I'd have to say no. There's nothing groundbreaking here. It's a standard puzzle platformer. And while the art is fun and inventive, it can't make up for the gameplay.


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Let me know what you think of Crash TV (and if you could beat it)!

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