Thursday, March 6, 2014

Welcome to Ryan's Game Ryviews!

Hello Internet!

I’m Ryan.

You’re probably wondering what a “Ryview” is.

Well, it’s a review.

By me, Ryan.

Ryan Review.


What will I be reviewing (ryviewing)? Video games!

But, unfortunately, as much as I love playing video games, I also love being able to pay for rent and food.

And not only that, but my free time is precious. I hate wasting time on free games that ultimately disappoint. So, my reviews will focus on free games, cheap games, old games, whatever I’m in the mood for (and whatever’s requested!). I want to help you decide the best games upon which to spend your free time.

I’ll also post articles, gameplay videos, and who knows what else!

So stay tuned, more to come.

My first article will be a look back at previous games in the Gemcraft series (by Gameinabottle) leading up to the release of the all new Gemcraft 2: Chasing Shadows, coming to on March 17, 2014 (or so the legend goes).

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