Friday, March 21, 2014

Tinysasters 2 --- Flash Ryview

The next ryview is Tinysasters 2, by Storm Alligator.

Tinysasters 2 is some sort of mixture between From Dust, Civilization, and a few other games that I can't quite put my finger on. It boils down to the player utilizing tiles of land to construct buildings that produce resources (or affect other buildings) that can then be spent on repelling or fixing disasters (tinysasters, to be precise). So, while I'm not sure if there is a puzzle strategy category, this definitely belongs in it.

Right off the bat, I was a little turned off because of the progressive tutorial system. I appreciate that it is a good way to get into a game slowly, but when you go through a third of the levels basically being spoon-fed the rules of the game, it just sucks the joy out of it. So this falls into the same category as my Pirates: Tides of Fortune Ryview.

However, I did find the tutorial less frustrating in this case. There was a cute little sprite who guided you through, and the explanations were always fairly straightforward. And while I would have appreciated getting it in one tutorial, I do think that learning one skill at a time through playing was still better than the Tides of Fortune method of basically telling you exactly what to do for the entire opening of the game. At least this was acceptable doses.

The actual gameplay was moderately fun. I liked being able to upgrade my buildings, and the housing constraints did act a nice level of strategy as far as priorities are concerned. The resource cap had the same effect. I do think that the buildings had quite a lot of depth to them, which is a gift and a curse in flash gaming. If I want a detailed strategy game, why aren't I playing Civ V, especially when the Sid Meier Humble Bundle recently gave it to me for a fraction of the retail cost?

I must say, though, I love the upgrade system in the levels. I love that the level select screen shows the actual map in the level, and I really overall thought it was a very well put together game. In an unbiased opinion, I'd say this is definitely a game to check out if you enjoy this style of game and want to devote the time to really delve into the details. This game is definitely worth it.


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Let me know what you think of Tinysasters 2!

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