Tuesday, March 18, 2014

OFFSET --- Flash Ryview

The next ryview is OFFSET, by GamezHero.

OFFSET is a picture puzzle game where you have pieces of the landscape that have been cut out and either transposed or rotated. Sometimes both.

The concept is fairly interesting, and the landscapes were pretty. And the fashion that the pieces were removed and shaped definitely caught my eye. Some of them involved rotating on an axis, some of them were rotating while you were moving them into place. Definitely a nice level of difficulty in that fashion.

However, I was not impressed by the inconsistency as far as placement requirements were concerned. In the first level with rotating parts, I was extremely unhappy with how nitpicky the final placement was. It had to be spot on or it didn't count. Sometimes, different pieces on the same stage seemed to have different tolerances. It was quite frustrating. I don't know how easy or hard that is to code, but since that is essentially the only game mechanic, such a finicky one definitely got on my nerves.

And ultimately, the game still felt way too repetitive to hold my attention for long. Had the control issues not been there, the changes might have been more well received. As it is, most of the more complicated and more interesting piece movements just made me angry because of how precise they needed to be.

Was it my fault? Who knows, maybe I need better dexterity or a less responsive mouse. But I hate games where the completion of a level depends entirely on frustratingly timed precision.


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Let me know what you think of OFFSET!

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Pictures courtesy of Kongregate

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