Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Epic Boss Fighter --- Ryview #5

Ryview #5 is Epic Boss Fighter, by EntertainmentForge.

Epic Boss Fighter is a top down flash shooter where your main (and only) focus is to take down boss after boss.

It has several elements I've seen before. This style of shooter is fairly popular, but I would like to point out that the vast majority involve spacecraft. In what I admit is a very random and completely unfounded preference, I generally like it when it's a person rather than a ship. It just seems more jovial and exciting.

The upgrade system is fairly rewarding. There is a good mixture of the "cheap and slowly building power" upgrades and the "expensive but game advancing" upgrades. For example, there are fairly cheap upgrades for damage done, and there are very expensive upgrades to increase the number of bullets you fire, essentially multiplying the damage further.

The idea of fighting only large enemies and paying no attention to smaller ones is a fairly interesting one, albiet not particularly original anymore. It is still compelling for me, however.

I'd say this game holds my attention fairly well. The higher level upgrades excited me enough to see what they could do, and they didn't disappoint. When you take several tries to beat a boss, it's very rewarding to take it down in seconds after a few rounds of upgrades. And along those same lines, I do find the game fairly fulfilling. I have a strong sense of accomplishment whenever I beat one of the bosses.

Here's the scorecard:

Time Value
Money Value
Final Score

Let me know what you think of Epic Boss Fighter!

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