Monday, March 17, 2014

Dino Shift 2 --- Flash Ryview

The next Ryview is Dino Shift 2 by JWolfGames.

Dino Shift 2 is another puzzle platformer. Your hero in the game is a cute little dinosaur who breathes softly as he waits for you. It's quite adorable.

The object of the game is to collect all of the smiling blocks, which come in a variety of colors. You can only collect the box while you are that color. There are also colored obstacles that you will pass through if you match and hit if you don't match (color). And there are the usual platforming obstacles, like spikes, walking enemies, etc.

I love the mechanics of this game. For one thing, when the level starts, the timer doesn't start until you make an action, such as move or change color. That means you have plenty of time to survey the level for a plan of attack, as opposing to rushing into action or wasting your first playthrough to figure out strategy (which, to be fair, still happens here anyway, but that's because I can't think 50 steps ahead and/or can't always see the whole level).

The cuteness of the animation and the innovative design definitely keeps the gamer entertained for awhile. And small tweaks to the gameplay such as flashing blocks help keep the levels fresh during the early stages of the game.

I appreciate that the difficulty mostly rests on the problem solving aspect and usually doesn't require a whole lot of exact movement. And I felt that the difficulty ramped up in a reasonable and fairly satisfying way.

I don't have any major complaints about the game. The game was moderately repetitive, but as I said, the puzzles were challenging and intriguing enough that it held my attention longer than I would have expected at the beginning. It's not a long game, and I definitely think it's worth the playthrough.

I will say that I don't feel much of a compelling need to get 3 stars on every level, but I would never call myself a perfectionist.

Here's the scorecard:

Time Value
Money Value
Final Score

Let me know what you think of Dino Shift 2!

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